MY culinary philosophy and passion

reflects ON simplicity .

Executive Chef

Andreina Protti


Executive Chef, Andreina Protti.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentinian born Executive Chef Andreina Protti was lured into the culinary world when her passion for this industry and for food was discovered at an early age, she grew up watching her mother and grandmother prepared the most tasteful dishes and making her part of that ritual. Andreina studied Graphic Design in BA back in 1993, she always loved design, art in different forms, but her passion was always “food” and the co-relation between art & food.

It was until 1996 when she decided to take her passion seriously and went on to study the culinary arts at the Argentinian Institute of Gastronomy in BA, where she learned to develop her own unique style and flair, Andreina continued with her career at exclusive restaurants for a high profile clientele such us Duo, Gardiner, etc.

After moving to Miami Beach, in 2008 Andreina was appointed as Chef for Le Basque Catering company where she cooked for President Obama, Spain Kings, Bill Clinton, Lenny Kravitz and also participated with her unique dishes at Art Basel.

Then she joined our team at Baires Grill, her dishes are simply amazing and consistent which is key in this business. We are honored to work closely with Andreina for more than six years.

Andreina’s culinary philosophy and passion reflects simplicity and the growing trend towards a healthier lifestyle, at Baires we pick the seasonal vegetables and prepare the most delicious dishes combining art + taste with very high quality products. Her preference is to allow the natural flavors of food to express themselves.

Andreina believes whole heartedly in staying active, continuously re-creating herself and having fun! and we certainly enjoy her enthusiasm here at Baires Grill.



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